Do It Yourself: The Essentials Of Lock Picking

Everyone has dealt with the embarrassment of locking themselves out of the house, or locking their keys in the car. And then there are frustrating times, such as when you can’t find the keys to the padlock on one of your outdoor buildings. When it comes to irritating situations like these, there is a way around calling the locksmith and doling out money–learn how to pick locks yourself.

Being that most locks are a simple pin-and-tumbler mechanism, it is a relatively easy fix. It just takes the right tools, patience, and a steady hand.

Even if the locks are more complex, there are plenty of kits, tools, and tutorials demonstrating how to pick each respective lock. As the folks at Fixer Doc know, it all starts with a lock picking set.

Tools Typically Seen In a Lock Picking Set

Torsion Wrench- The torsion wrench torques the plug of a lock to hold picked pins in place.

Half Diamond Pick- This pick comes in virtually every kit you buy, beginner and otherwise. Great for picking individual pins, but can also be used on wafer and disc locks.

Hook Pick- This is the most basic picking tool. It’s similar to the half diamond pick, only the end is shaped differently (a hook instead of a diamond).

Ball Pick- The ball pick is also a basic tool and is shaped similarly to the half diamond and hook. In this case, the end of the tool is circular. This pick is most often used on wafer locks.

Rake Pick- The name describes the tool. This pick is designed to rake the pins inside the lock and is much easier than picking each individual pin.

Slagel Pick- This is a magnetized pick used on electronic locks. It works by internally manipulating parts of the lock to the proper positions.

Warded Pick- Among locksmiths, this is known as the skeleton key. It is a general key shape and can almost always manipulate the inside of warded locks.

Lastly and most importantly, bump keys. Bump keys are the simplest method of lock picking as they are designed to fit virtually any pin-and-tumbler mechanism. Simply insert the key, tap it in a couple of times with the handle of a screwdriver, and turn.

Have a look at for more information and tutorials.

The Easiest Option

For those of you who don’t have the skill to pick a lock by hand, there is always the option to use a lock pick gun. They can be seen at These were originally designed for law enforcement agencies. Insert the lock pick gun into the lock, and squeeze the trigger.

Save yourself the frustration and embarrassment of losing your keys, or locking yourself out of home and vehicle. And save yourself the money you would otherwise spend on a locksmith. Lock picks are worth the investment.


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